The Las Vegas International Film and Screenwriting Festival's mission is to celebrate the independent motion picture and literary arts by providing a platform for filmmakers and writers to have their work awarded and recognized. The Las Vegas International Film and Screenwriting Festival offers more than just a handful of award possibilities. We pride ourselves in providing a wide variety of award opportunities between our various screenwriting and film categories.

Our filmmakers and screenwriters will be able to attend screening events, parties, seminars, and mixers. To truly break into the business of filmmaking and get your script produced or your film distributed you must NETWORK!



If you’re an audience member, film festivals give you an opportunity to see films you may never see anywhere else, as wells as the chance to meet the filmmakers and cast. In Q&A sessions, you’ll hear behind the scenes stories and have the opportunity to ask questions. Attending a film festival is much more than just going to see a movie; it’s an experience!

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