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Winners are in Big and Bold Lettering




Café Ramon by Tess McClullen

Gemini Rising by Amy McCorkle

Lost Vegaz by Catherine Trush

Razors Edge by Trish Danielson

Star Powered by Fred Tabsharani



Breakup by Michael Williams

Elvis & Jessie by Gary Porpora

Modern Art by Laurence Fuller

Wildflowers by Corey Lee Wilson

Zulu Warrior by Michael Maze



Alec Guinness: A Kind of Victory by Bill Baxter

Deep Water by Shannon Smith

Minster Speer by Sven Anarki

Search for the Blood River Ruins by Michael Jak

Variations on Love and Madness by Kenneth Kokin



A Brooklyn Christmas by Drew Henriksen

Matt and the Garden of Eva by Harold L. Brown

Mega Ball$ by Marc Baron

Mexican Jesus by Matt Pinard

Rehab by Matt Johnson

Road Tripping by Rikki Lee Travolta

Super Trubo Overdrive by Peter Hsieh

The Loser’s Club by Jonathan Turner Smith

The Truth Hurts by Reka Ehrentreu




At the Mercy of Faith by Samuel Taylor

Block 12 by Mary Markels

Den of the Ancients by Darwin Maddox 

Gorger by Paul G. Andrews

Operation Calico by Chris Feisti




Crash Site by John Thibault

Two Dead Sons - Two Dead Fathers by Don Famularo and Don Wells

Fiona by Lauren Speeth

Forever Young by Jason Lor

McCullough’s Law by Samuel Jenkins




Dreams of Petaluma by Jeanne Dukes

Faith Restored by Gina Brewer

Healing by Deric Sinclair

Prayer by Michael Sieve

The Near Death Experience of Dr. John Dantry by Michael Hogan




Littlefoot on the Loose by Karen Conley

Pink Mist by Shari Berman

That Night at the Alamo by Amber Martinez

Valley of Fire by Lucious Alexander

Wayfellow Way by Rosie Ortiz




Mathias by Ian Davies

My Yearbook by Jim Norman

Prince of Sarcus by Dean Stockwell

The Ghost Town by Richard Goldstein

The Seedling by Kevin J. Howard

Historical – Period Piece

Brook Farm by Alexander Wake

Fled by Paul G. Andrews

Gilder Warriors by Joseph Helak

Lajjawati by Sumathy Ram & Charles Leopardo

The Resurrectionists by Duncan Putney



Apollyon’s Gold by Robert J. Rogers

Field Trip by Claudio Martinez-Valle

Snarl by Mark C. Spera

Soul Passage by Patrick Mediate

VooDoo Army by Maria Sundeen



Cuba the Diva by Andre Gaumond

Gray by Daniel Talbott

I Promise you This by Todd Sorrell

Rehab by Matt Johnson

Truth be Told by Stefanie VonWinkle



Battle of Plataea by Steven McNabb

Bull Run by Emily Radcliff and Mark Tabor

Don by Alberto Battistutti

The Youngest Doughboy by Steve Sterling

We are the Mighty by Donald Jackson




Descendants of the Dragon by Alan Sims

Pair of Dice by Michael Madison

Tennessee Moonshine by Sergio Donatello

The Kefauver Hearings by Alexis Green

The Mobster and His Angel by Amy McCorkle and Melissa Goodman




Atahsaia by Anoki Thompson

Blue by Dennis Young

Mirrors at Night by Dean Harakas

Slow Ride in the Big Easy by Denise Tessitor

The Dirty Blonde by Sven Anaki




A Vacation from Christmas by Duncan Putney

An Unfamiliar Life by Toni D’Antonio and Mitch del Monico

Flaws of an Everlasting Memory by Anh Le

I Just Might by Joyce Koch

Renaissance Man by Robert Tolz



Science Fiction

Forever After by Emil Faithe

Inversion by Suzy Stein and Fernando Perez

Q-10 Dinner by Frank Mancuso

Transference by Mark C. Spera

Zakis by Andre Gaumond




Blue Chip Recruit by Jason Giles

King of the Ring by James Booker

Long Ball by Cynthia Brown

North Shore by Tia Tago

Warrior Spirit by Chris Tasara



Badland by Eve McNair

Easy Target by Andre Gaumond

StarPowered by Madeline Rook and Fred Tabsharani

The Sea Kings by John Saunders

Vengeance is a Lady by Michael Williams




Desperado by Clement C Carter

Frenchy by Richard Spears

The Wayward Son by Keith and Cassie Hayasaka

Walks the Buffalo by Larry Baer

War Party by Brandon Rosier

Best Overall Feature Screenplay

Cuba the Diva by Andre Gaumond

Forever Young by Jason Lor

Lajjawati by Sumathy Ram & Charles Leopardo

Tennesse Moonshine by Sergio Donatello

Zulu Warrior by  Michael Maze

Short Script Finalist

Breaking & Entering by Michael Hogan

Dessert & Dash by Muse Seymour

Flight AD4515 by Martina Lisec

Henching by Jason Lor

Killing the Small Family Farmer by Michael Thomas Cain

Last Thursday by Kevin Machate

Mob Tour by Jason Fisher

Not a Creature was Stirring by Michael Hogan

Padre by Ian Davies

River City by Harold L. Brown

Sleep by Jason Lor

The Collectors by Brian Pollock

The Curse of the Flower by Isador Ortega

The Lifelong Gift by Todd Bull and Olivia Reedy

Tourist Trap by Gio Forlenza



Existing TV - Drama

Fargo by Tami Hayes

Losing It by Cory Byers

Star Trek: Discovery by Haruto Nakamura

The Alienist by Tali Zingman

The Walking Dead – No Way Out by Justin Jacobs



Original TV - Drama

Backlash by Charles Honeywood

Banks of Havana by Thomas Brown

Empyrean by Colin d’Amato

Privileged by Kira Liva

The Kitchen by Sarah Mease and Ricardo Haro


Existing TV - Comedy

Black-ish by Eric Daniels

Bob Hearts Abishola by Manny Sepulveda

Brooklyn Nine-Nine by Bill Harwood

Superstore by Terri Blair

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia by Jordan Champagne



Original TV - Comedy

And the Weeds Grow Taller by Robert Craighead

Guest Teacher by Denai Brower

I Need a Sixer by Jesse Mattson

Starhopper by Tayler Carter

Weekend Warriors by Brian McDevitt, Jr.



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