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The 2019 Las Vegas International Film and Screenplay Festival took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, and ran from July 31, 2019, to August 2, 2019.   The event was attended by hundreds of writers and filmmakers, and by all accounts was a resounding success.  

Our motto for 2019 was Network, Connect, and Collaborate, and we are proud to say that is precisely what many of our filmmakers did.  By attending workshops, a comprehensive offering of networking events and socials, attending other filmmakers screenings and participating in provocative Q and A sessions after every film, our filmmaking community had the opportunity to engage with a variety of filmmakers from around the world. 


Many of our filmmakers ended up making new friends and business contacts.  Writers connected with producers, music composers connected with filmmakers, and filmmakers connected with distributors - We even had a few scripts that were optioned.    


All in all, the 2019 LVIFSF exceeded our expectations and helped us set the bar for future festivals. 


When our festival team evaluated the 2019 festival, we came away with a pretty cool realization - The writers and filmmakers who attended our festival were a pretty special group of people.  They were the type of people that we are hopeful will come back to our festival again, and again and again.   


We had some fantastic filmmakers attend the 2019 Las Vegas International Film and Screenplay Festival,  and our goal will be to ensure that we continue to attract these types of filmmakers to our festival in the coming years.  



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